President's Address

Dear Colleagues and Prospective Partners!

Natalia-Burlinova3Public Initiative «Creative Diplomacy» is a non-governmental association of young people created in 2010 with the aim to develop and support civil initiatives to creative positive image of Russia abroad through enhancement of trust level and promoting understanding between Russia and its partners both in the West and the East. We believe that cooperation among young people is crucial for bringing changes.

Public Initiative «Creative Diplomacy» is a group of young professionals from different fields of work, study and research: international relations, history, journalism and diplomacy who are sure that only personal communication could destroy any stereotypes about an individual or a country.

Public diplomacy is the best way to build up an adequate level of trust between the civil society of Russian Federation and its partner countries.We believe that within the framework of social partnership with a state, other non-governmental organizations, and mass media one may create a platform for the communication between Russian youth and their future colleagues from different countries.

Young generation is the future political, business, public leaders. Shaping the mind today means shaping the future tomorrow. In order to change be the change yourself. That is what our philosopy says.

Public Initiative «Creative Diplomacy» is an experts’ platform where we will try to analyze regional and international aspects of Russian foreign policy and where the solutions to improve Russian image and its relationship with partner countries will be suggested.

If you feel that you can contribute to the development of this initiative and bring new challenging ideas, join our team and our projects today. We are always looking forward to cooperation with bright young people who share our concerns and understanding of reality.

With best regards,

Natalia Burlinova
President of  the Public Initiative
«Creative Diplomacy»


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