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«Meeting Russia»


Creative Diplomacy is launching a new English-speaking public diplomacy program for young leaders - 'Meeting Russia'. The deadline for applications is November 30, 2016.

About the program

Meeting Russia is a unique Russian public diplomacy program for young leaders interested in Russia. This is the only program in English that brings together 20 young representatives from government institutions, parliaments, think tanks, media and private sector, experts and journalist from the United States and EU countries as well as from Russia.

Meeting Russia participants will discuss current international issues related to Russian foreign policy and Russia’s relations with the West. The program includes meetings with senior Russian officials and top experts.

The program will be held in Moscow on February 15-19, 2017. The main part of the program will take 3 days, and the final day is reserved for a meeting and discussion with Russian counterparts of the same age representing various expert and public platforms.

The program is funded by a Presidential grant provided through the National Charity Fund (Russia).

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Russian soft power


Russian soft power is just like Western power but with a twist

Natalia Burlinova‘s article for Russia Direct project on soft power policy in Russia, its peculiarities and challenges it faces.

In late March, Russia’s federal agency for soft power, Rossotrudnichestvo, changed its leader. Lyubov Glebova became the head of this agency, replacing Konstantin Kosachev. This raises important questions about the current state of Russian “soft power.” How effective has it been? What are the distinct features of Russian soft power? Will the Kremlin revise its concept of soft power?

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Forum of Young Diplomats from CIS countries


Forum of Young Diplomats from CIS countries
Moscow, 24 – 25 April, 2014

On April 24-25, 2014 Center for Support and Development of Public Initiative “Creative Diplomacy” and Analytical Club “SIGN” under the auspices of Young Diplomats’ Council, RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host the first Forum of Young Diplomats from CIS countries.

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«Wisemen Group» Report on NATO: New Outline of the Old Strategy


The next strategic concept of the North Atlantic Alliance that is planned to be accepted in November 2010 will be the third one after the end of the Cold War. Foreign and Russian experts are really puzzled by a number of challenging questions.

How all the geopolitical changes of the latest 20 years will be reflected in this document? Will the hard experience of a military campaign in Afghanistan somehow define the content of a new NATO strategy – story? Will NATO follow the rule of leading different kinds of operations out of the sphere of its responsibility? Will NATO somehow reduce its appetite for a global reach?

The whole version of the text in Russian can be accessed on the site:


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