«External Factor», release of 22.07.2010


The new foreign policy concept of Ukraine


Relations between Ukraine and Russia always give information occasions for discussion. In recent years the relations have greatly intensified since the election of the new president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. It all started from an agreement on the Black Sea Fleet and gas. Since then, increasingly, we again become friends. Today we will discuss a law on domestic and foreign policies of Ukraine, which was adopted recently. Literally on 20th of July 2010, it was published in the official newspaper of the Verkhovnaya Rada «Voice of Ukraine».

From that moment he came into force. This document has become a new program of action in Ukraine, including the foreign policy. For Russia, this document is of particular interest, because it establishes non-aligned status of Ukraine. This means that at this stage Ukraine renounced its desire to join NATO. This means that some part of the concern in the Russian-Ukrainian relations is removed for some time.

To listen to the issue, please visit the radio station «Moscow Speaks»:


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