«External Factor»


«External Factor» is an author’s program of Natalia Burlinova on international politics. The program presents a conversation with leading Russian and foreign political analysts, commentators and public figures on the most important events and trends of international life.

The project waslaunched in January 2009. The first editions of the program had a half-an-hour format and were a part of a radio-program «The Main Theme». Later the program was called «External Factor» and began to appear in a weekly hour format live broadcast on Thursday after 9 p.m.

During the first year of the project, in the show took part several tens of experts and politicians, including former Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Jan Charnogurskiy; a well-known British expert and a specialist in international relations Anatol Lieven; a journalist and political analystJohn Lockland; politician and public figure – Vladimir Ryzhkov; an economist Mikhail Delyagin, and many others. Specially for the program «External Factor» a former deputy Secretary of the State and now president of the Brookings Institution (Washington) Strobe Talbott, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, the current U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Lucas and several other senior American and European diplomats were interviewed. Total for 2010 more than 50 editions have been released.

Лого-ГМ1«Govorit Moskva» («Moscow Speaks») is a Russian radio station based in Moscow. Together with «Russian Public Radio» and radio “Sport” it forms the Concern «Radio-Center». This radio broadcasts federal and local news, pop music, programs of various topics.

Radio «Moscow Speaks» started its broadcasting on the 1st of September, 1997 on the third button on the urban translational network. It was a day when the citizens of Moscow and its visitors heard in their radios a call sign of the radio «Moscow Speaks». Over the years, the station became a symbol of the Russian capital, which is listened and enjoyed by millions of our citizens. In April 2006 the station expanded its broadcasting and reached a frequency of 92 MHz.

«Moscow Speaks» has its own service information, a professional team of program hosts .

«Moscow Speaks» is the radio of a big city. All that Moscow citizens can be interested in – all of that can be heard and, most importantly, discussed on this radio-wave. «Moscow Speaks» is a modern, dynamic radio, positive mood and yet not departing from the concerns of society. The radio station «Moscow speaks» for its ten years of existence, was attended by hundreds of public, political figures, leading representatives of culture and science.

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