The Image of Russia in Spanish Mass Media


21st of January (Moscow, Russia) RIA News .Presentation of the Russian edition of the articles’ collection: «From Historical Russia to Modern Russia: the Image of a Country in Spanish Mass Media».

The research on the image of Russia in Spanish mass media was conducted by the members of  Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos under the request of the Institute on Democracy and Cooperation based in Paris and the Fund Historical Perspective based in Moscow.

The Presentation of the book coincided with the starting of Spanish chairmanship in the European Union.

The presented book was the result of the research conducted for the period of 2008 – 2009. The goal of the research was to study the way of the presentation of Russia in leading Spanish mass media. The Spanish edition of the book is called:“De la Russia eternal a la Russia real”. It was presented in Madrid in May 2009.

Studying of the image of Russia in foreign mass media is one of the most popular topics for research among Russian analysts. For the first time the image of Russia in Spanish mass media was performed by Spanish researchers, and this fact adds special value to the book.

The Head of the Institute on Democracy and Cooperation in Paris, Presidnet of the Fund Historical Perspective (Moscow), Natalia NAROCHNITSKAYA, sociologist Andrey ANDREEV, the authors of the project: Svetlana Malyavina (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Pedro A. GARSIA BILBAO (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos),Sesilia ZANNETTI DURAND  (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) took part in the presentation.

The presentation of the Spanish version of the book raised special interest among Russian-speaking people currently living in Spain, Spanish scientific and political elite, and, of course, journalists writing about Russia.   In December 2009 there was public discussion of the book organized in the Embassy of Russian Federation.

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