March 23
Summary of the Second Day

On the second day of "Meeting Russia", participants went to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation to discuss Russian foreign policy with Alexey Dubinin, the First Deputy Director of the Foreign Policy Planning Department and Mikhail Kalugin, Head of BRICS unit. After explaining the role that the Ministry plays in Russia, they illustrated the main goals of Russian foreign policy along with the position of the Russian government on BRICS-plus, a multi-polar world, threats that Russia is facing and the Eurasian Economic Union.

During the second event participants were met by Sergey Nalobin. He is a representative from the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Sergey Nalobin talked about how the Ministry promotes soft-power by advertising tourism opportunities, as well as cultural and sporting events through social networking websites. In addition, he discussed the problem of internet trolls and the challenges it poses for media accounts controlled by the Ministry.

The third event was held at the Russian International Affairs Council on the changing international world order. The talk was given by Fedor Voytolovsky, Director of the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations for the Russian Academy of Sciences and Timur Makhmutov, RIAC Deputy Program Director. They explained how the dynamics of world trade and GDP are changing and what repercussions this will have for the world economy in the future.

For the final event participants were joined by Sergey Markedonov, a RIAC expert and an associate professor for Russian State University for the Humanities. He spoke about what goes behind Russian foreign policy decisions, why reactions to certain ethnopolitical conflicts differ, how those conflicts arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and how there is continuity between Russia's foreign policy from the Yeltsin administration to current foreign policy under the Putin administration.

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