will changes affect future practice?
On June 30th we will discuss how diplomacy is affected by the corona-virus and how current changes in diplomatic efforts will affect future practice.
This is a webinar hosted by International Debat which based in University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Main organizer of the event - Celine de la Cour, Meeting Russia Alumna (2019).
The corona virus has made it difficult for diplomats to meet face to face in a time where international coordination and cooperation is needed more than ever. Technology creates alternatives to physical meetings, but what happens when national diplomats can no longer meet face to face? What happens to trust, cooperation and information exchange? Will governments and diplomats turn to public and digital diplomacy now that travelling is less likely and people are tied to their screens? And more importantly: Are new diplomatic trends temporary or will they change diplomatic practice permanently?

Natalia Burlinova, President of Center Creative Diplomacy, will focus on Russian public diplomacy during the pandemic and so forth governments' effort to influence public atmosphere and opinion.

Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen who is principal investigator at DIPLOFACE will talk about corona diplomacy in the EU and how diplomats negotiate with physical distance without it becoming social distance, and how they avoid misunderstandings in a world that has developed fixed diplomatic rules for all behavior.

Dr. Katharina Höne from DiploFoundation will focus on how international organizations and diplomatic services navigated the transition to online meetings in response to COVID-19 and the opportunities, challenges and potential inequalities resulting from this.

We are looking forward to having this debate with you!