Who sponsors us
Who sponsors us? - is one of the FAQs we get asked.

The organization was started ten years ago as a free initiative of several enthusiastic young professionals who believed in public diplomacy. From the very start we focused on expressing our own public stance and maintaining financial independence.

We contribute to the development of the public diplomacy school in Russia, offer paid training courses, and carry out other projects. We are also grateful to our founders for supporting our activities financially.

In the past few years, we have applied for grants from the Presidential Fund – the sole source of grants and subsidies for most NGOs in Russia. Today, there is no financial alternative for an organization engaged in public activity in Russia. We avoid foreign financing due to the specificity of our national legislation, as well as our own stance.

The grant money we received has been spent on the arrangement of "Meeting Russia" – our major project for young foreign leaders.

We have no other sources of finance. All financial information on our activities can be found in our organization's annual statement available on the site of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.