CPH Conference on Western-Russian Relations
On November 21 president of PICREADI Natalia Burlinova and the experts invited on behalf of Creative Diplomacy will speak at panel discussions of CPH-Conference.
The online 'CPH Conference' on Western-Russian Relations aims at exposing fundamental disagreements and forwarding mutual understanding between the West and Russia by discussing pressing issues of Western-Russian relations.
The event hosted by International Debat which based in University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Keynote-speakers are the Russian ambassador to Denmark, H.E. Mr. Vladimir Barbin, and the Chairman of The Danish Foreign Policy Council, Mr. Martin Lidegaard.
The event will be live-streamed from Johan Borups Højskole. You can sign up for free and join via zoom. Please sign up here.

09.00-09.30 Welcome
09.30-09.35 Opening
09.35-10:00 Keynote Speeches
10.00-11.15 Session 1: New Security Threats - A talk on digital diplomacy, disinformation and hybrid warfare
11.45-13.10 Session 2: Value-Based Differences - A talk on political culture and different world views
14.10-15.30 Session 3: Ambitions in the Arctic - Is the Arctic the battlegorund in a new Cold War?
16.00-17.30 Session 4: The New World Order - Cooperation, competition or conflict?
17.30-17.40 Closing remarks