PICREADI took part in CyFy Forum in New Delhi
On October 14-16, New Delhi hosted the annual conference of the Observer Research Foundation on the interaction of society, innovations and technology. The editor-in-chief of PICREADI.RU Victoria Ivanchenko took part in CyFy 2019 for the second time.

"Creative Diplomacy" was presented at the panel session "State, capitalism and state capitalism", where management models of technology market and technological development in different countries and societies were discussed.

The conference was attended by experts and officials from around the world - the United States, the European Union, Israel, Russia, Australia, Asia and Africa. The conference partners were Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, UK Government and others.

Observer Research Foundation is one of the leading Asian think tanks. Every year in January Raisina Dialogue holds the "Raisina Dialogue" which is a key conference hosted in collaboration with the Government of India and Ministry of External Affairs.

Video of the session is available below: