Hablemos con Rusia Alumni
Met in Online Discussion Club
On March 30, the first meeting of Latin American graduates of the new Hablemos con Rusia project took place in the Online Discussion Club format. The speaker of the event was Daria Mitina, a politician, historian, and film expert.

The topic of the meeting was modern Russian culture and cinema on a global scale. The speaker and the experts from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentine, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Chile discussed the preservation of the interaction of cultures in the era of breaking ties.

Topics of the discussion:
  • Contemporary Russian Culture and Cinema on the Global Scale;
  • Maintaining Interaction of Cultures at the Times of Disintegration;
  • Role of Culture and Art in International Relations;
  • Practical Aspects of Financing Cinema in the Conditions of Sanctions.
During the meeting, a wide range of issues was touched upon, from investments and legislative restrictions in the field of cinema and music to the operation of streaming platforms under sanctions, and the question of the importance of culture and art in politics and international relations was also raised.

Working languages: Spanish, Russian