Hablemos con Rusia - Day 1
On March 15, 2023, more than 30 Latin American and Russian international experts gathered in the online space to take part in Hablemos con Rusia, the public diplomacy program by PICREADI. Analysts, diplomats, journalists, public activists and politicians from Latin America discussed Russia's foreign policy with Russian experts.
This year, the Spanish-language program was held for the first time. It is a continuation of the tradition of Meeting Russia – the flagship project of "Creative Diplomacy" for foreign youth audience. Hablemos con Rusia aims to create a platform for productive dialogue among representatives of the new generation of leaders of Russia and Latin America.

Política exterior de Rusia en América Latina /Russia's Foreign Politics in Latin America
Speaker: Alexander Shchetinin, @LAD_MAERusia, Head of Department of Latin America of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The first day of the program began with a discussion of Russia's foreign policy in Latin America. The speaker of the first session was Alexander V. Shchetinin, Director of the Latin American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. He presented to the participants Russia's view on cooperation with Latin American countries in the current geopolitical realities, and also commented on the position on the Ukrainian conflict.
After the speech, the participants asked a lot of questions to the speaker, in particular, about the prospects of strengthening bilateral ties between Russia and the states of the region through parliamentary diplomacy, about US pressure on Latin American countries, about joining the BRICS, as well as about the impact of the growing migration of Russians to the countries of the region on further relations between Russia and Latin America.

Rivalidad entre EEUU y Rusia: Posturas de América Latina / Rivalry between Russia and the USA: Standpoint of Latin America
Maxim Suchkov, @postamerica, Head of the Institute of International Studies, MGIMO, speaks of global politics.
During the second session, the participants discussed the rivalry between Russia and the United States from the position of Latin America. Maxim Suchkov, shared his opinion about the current contradictions between Moscow and Washington and about the events that led Russia and Western countries to conflict. The participants asked about the speaker's position on the presence of the United States in Latin American states, relations between Russia and China on the way to a multipolar world and Moscow's strategy in the event of Washington's interference in Russia's relations with the countries of the region. Of particular interest was also the issue of Russia's export of strategic resources to unfriendly countries.

Agenda mediática global concerniente a las relaciones entre Rusia y América Latina / Global media agenda in Russia - Latin America relations
Daria Yurieva @pqntc1, Head of Office of Latin American Countries, Sputnik News Agency
Anastasia Shishkalova, @tvbrics, International Projects Manager, TV BRICS
The final session of the first day of the program was devoted to the global media agenda in relations between Russia and Latin America. The first speaker, Daria Yurieva, head of the Department for Work with Latin American Countries at Sputnik, spoke about the need of the states of the region for an alternative point of view on the events taking place and suggested ways in which Russian media can work abroad under pressure from unfriendly countries. Anastasia Shishkalova, Head of International projects of BRICS TV, shared with the participants details about the work of the international media network of the BRICS countries. During the third session, representatives of Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and other countries discussed with Russian experts the future of Russian journalism abroad and alternative Western Russian media platforms.
Alexander Shchetinin
Head of Department of Latin America of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Elizabeth Karen Pari Huancapaza
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Participant from Peru
Anastasia Shishkalova
International Projects Manager, TV BRICS
We thank all participants and welcome you to reading details about Day 1 in media:

  • TV BRICS International Media Network participates in the Hablemos con Rusia public diplomacy programme (ENG)
  • El 15 de marzo, el Director del Departamento de América Latina del MAE de Rusia, Alexánder Shchetinin, participó en la inauguración del programa de diplomacia pública "Hablemos con Rusia" (ESP)