Hablemos con Rusia - Day 2
On March 15, the public diplomacy program Hablemos con Rusia started in an online format, which is a continuation of the tradition of Meeting Russia - the flagship project of PICREADI for foreign youth audience. The program is designed for two days and is aimed at creating a platform for productive dialogue among representatives of the new generation of leaders of Russia and Latin America.
La cooperación de Rusia con los países de América Latina: proyectos de integración global y regional / Cooperation between Russia and Latin American countries: global and regional integration projects
Moderator: Juan Martin G. Cabañas, Advisor to the Mercosur parliament, Meeting Russia alumnus
Yaroslav Lissovolik, Founder of BRICS+ Analytics,
Zbignev Ivanovsky, Head of Center of Political Studies, Institute of Latin America, Russian Academy of Sciences
The second day of Hablemos con Rusia was opened by Juan Martin Gonzalez Cabanas, Adviser to the MERCOSUR Parliament and a graduate of Meeting Russia 2022, who moderated the first session. The speakers of the session were the head of the Center for Political Studies of the ILA RAS, Zbignev Ivanovsky, who spoke about the problems and mechanisms of economic cooperation between the countries of the Latin American region, as well as the founder of BRICS+ Analytics, Yaroslav Lisovolik, who shared with the participants his opinion on the interaction of regional blocks in the field of economics.
The topic of the first session caused a wide discussion among Russian and Latin American experts. The participants discussed with Yaroslav Lisovolik and Zbigniew Ivanovsky the main challenges and problems faced by Russia and Latin American states in economic cooperation, as well as prospects for further cooperation in the context of sanctions against Russia. In addition, the issue of perception of Latin American countries by Russians was raised, as well as the role of public diplomacy in relations with the region.

El papel que desempeñan los think tanks en el fortalecimiento de la cooperación entre Rusia y los países de habla hispana / Role of think tanks in strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Hispanic countries
Speaker: Yan Burlay, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Director of Center of Ibero-American Programs of the Moscow State Linguistic University

Russian system of public diplomacy
Speaker: Natalia Burlinova, Creative Diplomacy President
The second session was devoted to Russia's public diplomacy in the states of the region, in particular, the role of analytical centers in strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Spanish-speaking countries. The speaker of the session was Yan Burlyaya, a diplomat and director of the Center for Ibero-American Programs of the Moscow State University. The expert noted the importance of non-governmental actors in relations between Russia and Latin American countries and spoke about the main of these actors. Natalia Burlinova, President of the Creative Diplomacy Center, also took part in the discussion. She shared with the participants her knowledge and experience gained during her work in the field of the Russian non-profit sector and public diplomacy.

At the end of the discussion, the participants of the Hablemos con Rusia program expressed gratitude to Creative Diplomacy for the opportunity to discuss the foreign policy of the Russian Federation with Russian experts.
Natalia Burlinova
President of PICREADI
Yan Burlay
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Director of Center of Ibero-American Programs of the Moscow State Linguistic University
Juan Marco González Cruz
Universidad de los Llanos, Participant from Colombia
Two days of Hablemos con Rusia have passed in exciting and fruitful discussions of international agenda and Russia's foreign policy.

We thank all participants and welcome you to reading details about the event in media:

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