Hablemos con Rusia: about a program
Our public diplomacy project for Latin America begins with a video about Hablemos con Rusia – the program of Creative Diplomacy that started off in March 2023 and brought together more than 30 scholars of international relations, analysts, diplomats, and journalists from Latin American countries and Russia.

The program aims to create a platform for a productive dialogue of new generation leaders from Russia and Latin America.

The video features:
  • Natalia Burlinova, President of PICREADI
  • Ricardo Zedano, Journalist from Peru

Hablemos con Rusia 2023 alumni:
  • Daria Synchikova, Russia
  • Dalila Usova, Russia
  • Juan Marco Gonzalez, Colombia
Hablemos con Rusia -
Programa de Diplomacia Creativa
para Líderes Jóvenes del Mundo Hispanoparlante