International Kortunov Global Affairs Debates coming soon
Announcement: International Kortunov Global Affairs Debates coming soon! One of the Sessions will be in English. We invite Meeting Russia alumni to participate!

  • USA-China confrontation: an open conflict or manageable rivalry?
  • Russia and its neighbors: the end of alliance?
  • World economy in 2022: major crisis or a new beginning?

Organizers: Creative Diplomacy, RIAC
Date: December 21
Format: hybrid
Languages: Russian, (one session) English

The Kortunov Global Affairs Debates are the annual project of Creative Diplomacy in association with the RIAC launched over a decade ago in memory of Russian political scientist Sergey V. Kortunov. Since 2010, Creative Diplomacy and the RIAC have brought together young experts and beginning researchers to conduct annual debates on urgent issues of the Russian foreign policy.

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