The 5th annual Meeting Russia program to take place in Moscow
Meeting Russia 2022 will be held online in Moscow on May 25-26.
Meeting Russia is a significant public diplomacy project for young and aspiring analysts, diplomats, journalists, social activists, and politicians. This program has been held annually since 2017 by the Russian non-governmental organization PICREADI.

This year Meeting Russia program will be held for the 5th time. Professionals aged 25-35 and engaged in the Russian studies and foreign policy research can take part in the program titled "Tectonic Shifts of the Global Order: Expectations and Reality".

The 2022 tragic occasions have provoked a strong reaction in the world. We faced the most complicated circumstances for providing any Russia-based events for foreign experts. Nevertheless, we believe that the essence of the Meeting Russia project which is the honest and professional dialogue still has a meaning.
The main goal of this program is to promote productive dialogue among the new generation of leaders and draw attention to the critical points in Russia's foreign policy. Besides, Meeting Russia provides participants from other countries the opportunity to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Russian external affairs. In 2022, the two-day event involves an exchange of views on major foreign policy issues between the experts of BRICS, Latin American, Asian, African countries, and Russian intellectual elites.

Today over 70 experts are members of the Meeting Russia Alumni Family. All of them are representatives of reputable organizations such CSIS, ECFR, Foreign Policy, Kennan Institute, Wilson Center, CSS Zurich, Friedrich-Ebert Foundation as well as Russian and global media, research centers, and universities. In 2022, the project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. Project Office of International Youth Cooperation "Russia – BRICS" and Gorchakov Foundation are media partners of the 2022 program.

To apply, visit the Meeting Russia page