Meeting Russia program opens on May 25
On May 25-26, more than 20 international experts will take part in the fifth season of the Meeting Russia program. Meeting Russia is a Russian public diplomacy program in English for young analysts, diplomats, journalists, social activists, and politicians.

Representatives of the BRICS countries and other 10 states in the format of online discussions with Russian representatives and international experts will discuss the following areas of the political agenda:

  1. Russia and the West. How to deal with a new geopolitical reality?
  2. Eurasian economic integration as an anti-crisis mechanism: opportunities and compromises.
  3. Russia and global media: the new reality of communication in public space
  4. BRICS: prospects of cooperation
  5. A new Russian economy: what will it look like?
  6. Russia and the policy of isolation. How did we get into this crisis?
More than 70 foreign experts are members of the Meeting Russia Alumni Club. The project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund. The information partner of the 2022 program will be the Gorchakov Foundation and the Project Office of International Youth Cooperation "Russia-BRICS".