Axes of the Future: Meeting Russia Online Club
While we all find ourselves in temporary self-isolation, PICREADI seeks to maintain contact with our alumni. For this purpose, we are launching an online project, Meeting Russia Alumni Club, where periodic talks by various experts and discussions will take place.
Will communication between the states, including public diplomacy, go back to the old ways once the international life normalizes? Or is the rhythm we were used to forever gone and a different format of diplomacy, where personal mobility is curtailed, is to become the new norm? Who will benefit and who has something to lose from the probable changes? Are they going to affect the international diplomatic agenda?

The first seminar in a series entitled "Axes of the Future" is set to May 5 at 7 pm Moscow time. Our invited expert is Alexey Naumov, Kommersant Publishing House observer, Russian International Affairs Council expert.
Our special guest for the first seminar is Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti, a research fellow of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, MR Alumna (2018).