Meeting Russia Discussion Club with Marlene Laruelle:
book discussion
The fifth seminar of the Meeting Russia Online Discussion Club was held on April 27th, 2021. This time within Alumni Club we successfully arranged the first book discussion. Our honored guest was Dr. Marlene Laruelle, Research Professor at George Washington University (Washington DC) who works on the rise of populist and illiberal movements in post-Soviet Eurasia, Europe, and the US.

Dr. Laruelle presented the main theses of her latest monography "Is Russia Fascist? Unraveling Propaganda East and West" and spoke about the European view of the modern Russian regime. Within the framework of the discussion, experts from the Russian and American sides - Nikolai Silaev (MGIMO University) and Arik Burakovsky (Tufts University) - presented their views of the situation.

This year PICREADI launched a series of working seminars "Axes of the Future" with the participation of the Meeting Russia Alumni focused on projecting future models of the international world order.

Meeting Russia Alumni Club gets together program's alumni from the US, Canada and European countries as well as Russian experts and participants of other Creative Diplomacy's courses. More about Meeting Russia Public Diplomacy Program for young Leaders.

The recording is available on Youtube: