Meeting Russia-2020, a unique public diplomacy program for aspiring leaders from the USA, countries of Europe and Canada, will be held in Moscow in September for the fourth time.

The three-day event will feature visits to the governmental institutions and think tanks, meetings with the senior officials and leading experts as well as various cultural and entertainment activities. Meeting Russia facilitates an exchange of opinions and ideas between the leaders of tomorrow, coming from the different countries and backgrounds.

All the potential participants can contribute to the agenda by mentioning their topics of interest in the applications. PICREADI invites professionals aged 25−35 and engaged in the Russian studies and foreign policy research to apply before June 1.

The program will be conducted in English.

Accommodation, meals and transport expenses are covered by the organizers, with partial travel costs reimbursement also being a possibility.

To get more information on the program and apply, please visit the official page of Meeting Russia: