Meeting Russia 2022 Participants
Kenneth Jim Joseph M. Jimeno
Philippines, Foreign Service Officer, Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs
Tumisang Victoria Maheso
South Africa, Founder and Chairperson of The South African International Student Association (SAISA)
Bilawal Ali Joya
Pakistan, 'Youth Mobiliser' at Ministry for Youth Affairs and Sports Punjab
Gabriel Dourado Rocha
Brazil, PhD student, RUDN University
Hilda Ariastuti
Indonesia, Student Representative, Middle East Treaty Organization (METO)
Agniwesh Singh
India, Business Development Manager, Post Graduate in South-East Asian studies
Andreas Frahne
Germany, Analyst, Ex-Audit Expert, UBS Europe SE
Daniyar Abenov
Kazakhstan, Member of the regional branch of the Association of Political Scientists of Kazakhstan
Arsenii Kusochkov
Russia, Bachelor Student, specializing in Foreign Regional Studies, Kazan Federal University