The topic of the issue is "Just Like in the Movies: Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Russians".

Cinema art is of course one of the best soft power instruments. Isn’t Hollywood a great example? Amazingly, Americans fish out persons in the Western culture who made achievements, big or small, and magnify them – so that the entire world gets to know, and admire them! Whereas Russia could produce numerous biopics about her heroes, and would never lack true stories, where no magnifying or exaggeration would be necessary, – and does not do it!

In Issue #7 of our Journal, we have collected the stories of the personalities who deserve fascinating biopics made about them: a courageous surgeon who saved hundreds of lives in a Nazi death camp during World War II, an enthusiastic explorer of China and Tibet in the mid-XX century, an outstanding linguist who broke the “unbreakable” Mayan code, a team of women-skiers and their coach who skied to the South Pole…

The Russian people are the source of Russia’s glory. Selfless, heroic, and thirsty for knowledge – they have moved forward their country and often the entire world. Yet, so few films have been made about such people that even Russians do not always know about them and their achievements.

Scroll the pages and see how exciting and moving the stories are. Behind them lie the paths of strong-willed and big-hearted people who lived not for their pleasure but for higher aspirations and the universal good.

We hope you will find the issue both informative and entertaining.
  1. "Forgotten Kingdom": Where West Meets East / Daria Glazkova
  2. Miklouho-Maklay: At Home Among Strangers / Olga Tipaylova
  3. POW #97625, or Incredible Doctor Sinyakov / Olga Denisova
  4. The Genius Maya Decypherer / Daria Bozhko
  5. Women's Ski Team: When Dreams Bring to the South Pole / Natalia Burlinova
  6. Childish Excitement with Unchildish Work: Pioneers of Russian Animation Films / Olga Tipaylova
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