International Strategic Session
Russia and the World:
Images – Connections – Future
Natalia Burlinova, President of Creative Diplomacy, and Alla Shelyapina, Creative Diplomacy's manager of work with compatriots, took part in the International Strategic Session "Russia and the World: Images – Connections – Future".

Alla Shelyapina was the moderator of session "Images of Russia: Stereotypes and Ideas" at which Natalia Burlinova spoke of Russia's international image and represented Creative Diplomacy's Meeting Russia Journal as a means of shaping Russia's positive image and promoting a better understanding of the country by foreigners.

Other guests:
  • Timur Vedernikov, music producer and arranger;
  • Rubén Darío Flórez Arcila, Associate Professor at the National University of Colombia, author and translator from Russian to Spanish;
  • Nikolai Malinov, Head of International Movement of Russophiles;
  • museum managers, film producers, editors.

Overall, 300 offline speakers and 10,000 online guest participated in 14 sessions.
Date: 20 November, 2023
Venue: RUSSIA TODAY, Moscow