Soft power today
British Council and The University of Edinburgh published a new study concerning Soft Power and its outcomes in the International Relations
"Soft Power Today"
The Study mentiones the word "Russia" 29 times. Despite being critical of Russia's Soft Power practise the report sheds some light on the current state of affairs in Public Diplomacy in Russia. On page 75 among the Ministery of Foreign Affairs the Study mentions 5 bodies of Russian Soft Power and PICREADI center is among them unfortunately being labeled as "Kremlin-backed" immediately. However the Paper acknowledges that "there is no one approach to soft power. Regional considerations shape priorities and soft power strategies increasingly closely follow foreign policy". The Study confirms that "democratic pluralism, economic prosperity, and internationally networked cultural institutions provide dividends: they are positively related to incoming international student and tourist arrivals; they result in incoming FDI; and they affect UNGA voting behaviour".