Round Table "Track II Diplomacy: Role of Regions in Pursuing Russia's Foreign Policy"
On April 10, 2023, School of World Politics at Moscow State University held a roundtable on public diplomacy. The centerpiece of the event became the report "Practicing Public Diplomacy in the Regions of the Russian Federation (2017 – 2021)" prepared in late 2022 by Creative Diplomacy and RIAC.

Moderator of the event - Natalia Burlinova, President of Creative Diplomacy.

Some highlights:
  • Alexander Konkov, Assistant Professor, commented on the applicability of the research in the context of Russia's new Foreign Policy Concept and the new Concept of the Humanitarian Policy of the Russian Federation Abroad. He mentioned other ratings of regions, like the investment attractiveness rating, dwelt on the powers of the subjects of Federation and their real abilities of fulfilling foreign policy tasks set by the Federal Government.
  • Uliana Artamonova, Junior Research Fellow, spoke of paradiplomacy in the U.S., where it worked to make the U.S. foreign politics more popular inside the country; in Russia paradiplomacy was perceived as a local resource of the whole national foreign policy potential.
  • Anna Velikaya, Assistant Professor, noted that the U.S. were developing interregional diplomacy of sister-cities, while Russia was strengthening interregional relations of neutral partnership. She also raised the issue of terminology and the use of terms "public diplomacy", "paradiplomacy", "people-to-people diplomacy".