Hablemos con Rusia
Museum diplomacy as a branch of Russia's cultural diplomacy
PICREADI 2022 Year's Results
Meeting Russia Program
Alexander Scholochow, Präsident des ICOM Russland, spricht über Museendiplomatie
Meeting Russia: Interview with Alexander Sholokhov, ICOM Russia President, on museum diplomacy

Voices of Meeting Russia - Oliver Roy Pelletier (Canada)

Meeting Russia Reunion 2021 in Ulyanovsk
Voices of Meeting Russia - Reid Standish (USA)
Voices of Meeting Russia - Lisa Gurth (Germany)
Voices of Meeting Russia - Miriam Hinthorn (USA)
Voices of Meeting Russia - Bennett Murray (USA)
Voices of Meeting Russia - Dale Bass (USA)
Voices of Meeting Russia - Lauren Rogers (USA)
If you could hack anyone, whom would you hack?
Russia in Africa: in search for a revival?
The right to abortion is not freedom - talk about the conservative approach to the world

There's no place for public diplomacy within the Russian FP strategy

The secret of Chinese soft power: no values, but a lot of money
Nagorno-Karabakh: conflict never ends?
The picture of Russia has nothing to do with the real country
We are permanently drunk when discuss foreign policy
Russia and U.S.: no common language for experts?
The West and Russia: Logic of Punishment?
Talk on the European affairs and EU elites
Anti-soft power is the new soft power
The Russian Great Game in Asia
You can't ask Trump not to use Twitter
Natalia Burlinova, professora russa, é colocada em lista negra da FBI | Observatório Multipolar #64

Interview with Natalia Burlinova for Observatório Multipolar (in English with translation). Natalia spoke about Meeting Russia program for Brazilian audience as well as the FBI allegations against her.
Reformen in Russland – für immer Putin? (2020)

What are Russia's responses to COVID-19 and how will the pandemic affect the political future of President Putin? The discussion was attended by Natalia Burlinova, a president of PICREADI, Golineh Atai, former ARD correspondent in Moscow, Sergey Lagodinsky, member of the European Parliament from Germany, and Liana Fix, program manager of the Körber Foundation.
PICREADI on NIICE International Studies Convention 2021: discussion on soft power

On August 27, Creative Diplomacy is organizing a session on soft power at the NIICE International Studies Convention. The main theme of the event is "Reimagining the World: Reflections on the Future of World Order".
'Ukrainian Army Is No.3 In Europe': Moscow Panelist Claims Ukraine Govt Using Civilians As Shields

Natalia Burlinova took part in Arnab Goswami's global debates on the Republic World platform. The Moscow group of panelists discussed the Ukrainian army and involving the civilians in the fights.
UN Peace Day Discussion

For the UN Day of Peace the Discussion Club "Connecting Point" together with the Centre for Creative Diplomacy - PICREADI, the Darwin Museum, the UN Association, the UN Modelers from Russia and Belgium, the Belgian office of the Future International Foundation, the Belgian Debating Club.
ROUNDTABLE: Is the vaccine Sputnik the only alternative for the EU countries?

The Group of Friendship and Cooperation with Russian Federation (SPIS RF) as a part of Slovenian Student Society for International Relations - GLOBALLIS, and Moscow based non-governmental organization PICREADI, organized a round table with the title "Is the vaccine Sputnik the only alternative for the EU countries?".