Meeting Russia Online Discussion Club
June 15th
The second seminar of the Meeting Russia Online Discussion Club was held on June 15, 2020. This time the MR's experts and members of the Club discussed COVID-19 as a trigger for skeletons in national closets and the international order.

As the key experts were invited to speak Ivan Kiseev, Executive Director of PICREADI, Development Director (Russia &CIS) at Marriott International, business expert, and Zachary Paikin, Senior Editor at Global Brief, Visiting Fellow of the Global Policy Institute, PhD in International Relations (University of Kent). Also, Zachary is a Meeting Russia Alumnus (2017).

This May PICREADI launched a series of working seminars "Axes of the Future" with the participation of the Meeting Russia Alumni focused on projecting future models of the international world order. Previously we discussed online diplomacy in a time of pandemic with Alexey Naumov and Eleonora Tafuro. We published a summary of Alexey's statement here.

Meeting Russia Alumni Club gets together program's alumni from the US, Canada and European countries as well as Russian experts and participants of other Creative Diplomacy's courses. More about Meeting Russia Public Diplomacy Program for young Leaders.