Meeting Russia in Berlin
On February 26th, an expert discussion on Russian domestic and foreign policy in the context of relations with the West was held in Berlin as part of the Meeting Russia program with the cooperation of the Körber Foundation.

Creative Diplomacy was represented by its president, Natalia Burlinova, executive director Ivan Kiseev, and invited expert and member of the Meeting Russia program Evgenia Makhmutova. The German audience consisted of young diplomats, politicians, and state employees.
In addition to the traditional topics that are discussed in a conversation about the relationship between Russia and the West, a special emphasis was placed on the perceived predictability/ unpredictability of the other country. It is obvious that there is deep mutual misunderstanding and mistrust on both sides of this issue. While Russian experts generally consider Russia's foreign policy to be predictable, the West considers us to be an absolutely unpredictable partner (especially after Crimea).

Ivan Kiseev, the executive director of Creative Diplomacy, believes that in reality both sides are predictable, but that the genuine policies of both sides elicit irritation, protest, and rejection from the other, so that for all the logic and predictability of both Russia and the West, we continue to perceive each other as unpredictable.

The Körber Foundation is one of the largest of its kind in Germany and is actively engaged in the field of public diplomacy at the international level. In its work, the Foundation pays great attention to the younger generation of leaders around the world. Its most well-known leadership program is the Munich Young Leaders program, which is held annually at the site of the Munich Security Conference.