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Natalia Burlinova
The founder and the president of "Creative diplomacy".

BA, MA degrees — MGIMO University (Moscow State University on International Relations, Russia). 2007 — 2009: PhD — Moscow State University — Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), the topic of PhD thesis: "NATO in Afganistan (2003 — 2009): Problems of the Creation and Implementation of the Political Strategy".
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Job Experience

2006 – 2008: Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti. Analyst dealing with the information support of Russian foreign policy.

2010-2014 Program Director, the Gorchakov Foundation (Moscow);

Worked as an expert at the The Foundation for Historical Outlook (Moscow); author and host of the analytic programs on Russian domestic and foreign policy «Internal Factor» and «External Factor», «Moscow Speaks» Radio Station (92 FM).

Participant of many Russian and international conferences on world politics; author of regular publications on international issues of current importance, Russian foreign policy, NATO-Russian relations, NATO in Afghanistan on several well-known Russian internet websites such as Stoletie.ru, Agency of Political News, etc. Author of special courses «Practice of Russia contemporary public diplomacy and «soft power»".

Awarded with the Collective Security Treaty Organization medal (CSTO). Member of Youth Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Research Interests:

  • Russian «soft power»
  • NATO-Russian relations;
  • NATO's operation in Afghanistan;
  • Russia's information strategy, Russia's image abroad.
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Editor-in-chief (picreadi.ru)
Oleg Shakirov
MR project coordinator
Daria Gribkova
Event coordinator
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Editor-in-chief (picreadi.com)